10 myths about bangalore

September 7, 2014 Random Update
Sachin tendulkar back after retirement.
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10 myths about bangalore


Bangalore….The third largest city in India and also know as “Indian Silicon Valley”. Here is some funny facts about Bangalore. Read it and share your comments bellow.

1. If you throw a stone randomly in Bangalore, chances are, it will hit a dog or a software engineer.

2. From encyclopedia: Bangalore: Official language(s) C, C++, java, perl, python.

3. Q: What is the easiest way of causing traffic accidents in Bangalore?
A: Follow the traffic rules.

4. “A guy is house hunting in Bangalore. Meets old lady who is potential landlord. The conversation goes thus:

Old lady: Where do you work, son?
Guy (with an air of pompousness): I work in Infosys.
Old lady: Oh, that bus company! Sorry, we rent
only to good IT people.

It would appear that Infosys operates more buses than BMTC in Bangalore.”

5. Bangalore, where PG(Paying Guest) is the first business and IT, the second.

6. When someone says it is raining in Bangalore, be sure to ask them which area, which Main and which Cross.

7. Bangalore is the only city where distance is measured in units of time.

8. Auto rickhsaw driver, grocery seller and common shop keeper thinks that you earn at least 1 lakh per month if you are in IT sector.

9. Out of every 100 software engineers in Bangalore, 90 are utterly frustrated and rest have a girlfriend.

10. I quote : “Bangalore: The City where more people know Language C than Hindi”.

** This article is only for fun. We are not here criticize any one.

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Sachin tendulkar back after retirement.
Facebook Crime

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