Box Office Review For Akshay Kumar starrer Baby

January 22, 2015 Bollywood News
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Akshay Kumar starrer Baby Story

Box Office Review For Akshay Kumar starrer Baby

Akshay Kumar, Rana Daggubati, Anupam Kher, Danny Denzongpa, Taapsee Pannu, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Madhurima Tuli starrer Baby releasing tomorrow 23rd-Jan and will get 2900-3000 screens which will be good number. Film has very bright at box office as there is competition but no big film is there except mid size ‘Dolly Ki Doli’. ‘Baby’ should do roaring business in metros/multiplexes riding on glowing reviews and even single screen audience might like a rare quality treat.

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Strong Points:- Akshay Kumar is main Plus point of this film. Akshay Kumar are in career best performance. Rana Daggubati, Anupam Kher, Danny Denzongpa as usual are in there best role. Surprise point of this film is Taapsee Pannu acting.  She is lookng beautiful and very good job. Neeraj Pandey proves his mettle as director yet again, amazing background score, apt writing

Week Points:- Long Movie

Critic Rating: 5 out of 5

Business Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Story:- Baby, referring to a top-secret trial-basis counter-espionage team created after 26/11, with the express purpose of foiling anti-India terror attacks, opens with the unit chief Feroz (Danny) being told one of his agents, Rakesh, has been betrayed and captured in Istanbul.

Feroz contacts Baby’s top officer Ajay (Akshay), who’s also in Istanbul, and tells him to rescue Rakesh, who’s being tortured, and find Jamaal, the spy who betrayed him.

Ajay escapes his Turkish minders and finds Rakesh. He kills his captors but Ajay has to kill Rakesh too as he’s nearly dead. Ajay chases Jamaal through the streets and catches him. He interrogates him and Jamaal confesses a terror cell is just about to bomb a mall in Delhi. Ajay tells the Baby unit to take Jamaal’s entire family to that mall. Then Jamaal confesses the whole plot and Baby officer Jai (Rana) shoots the terrorists and saves the mall. Jamaal kills himself but just before that reveals there are massive terror attacks being planned against India.

Ajay heads back to his family in Delhi, where his wife Anjali tells him she misses him and knows his work is secret – he keeps telling her he’s in a conference – but all she wants is that he shouldn’t get killed. Meanwhile, there’s trouble growing on the border areas where devilish Maulana Rahman (Rasheed Naz), in a role evoking terrorist Hafiz Saeed, is exhorting his followers to attack India. In a Mumbai jail, terrorist Bilal (Kay Kay) eagerly wants out. Saying he’s done more than Ajmal Kasab for the cause, he tells local helper Taufiq to organise his exit. Maulana sends his own man Javed over to help.

A shocking escape is plotted when Bilal is on the way back from court, his police van attacked and all the cops on duty killed. Bilal is quickly sent out of India but on information tipped off by a young engineering student recruited by Taufiq, who’s now shocked by the group’s violent plans, Feroz sends Ajay to get Javed. Ajay interrogates Taufiq, using a plastic bag to choke him, and gets Javed’s exact location from him. The Baby team confront Javed but he blows himself up. All team members in the mission are killed except for Ajay.

Following this, the Baby team discover a terror link operating from Nepal, with a tour operator Wasim (Sushant Singh) helping terrorists with logistics. Ajay and officer Priya (Taapsee Pannu) travel to Nepal, posing as Mr. and Mrs. Khan. Priya deliberately bumps into Wasim and tells him she’s been sent with a package for him from Taufiq. Wasim goes back to her hotel room with her but Ajay, who’s following them, gets delayed with slow transport. He tells Priya to keep Wasim busy but Wasim has found his pictures in their room and discovered she’s a spy. He attacks Priya but she beats the daylights out of him. When Ajay gets there, he finds Wasim’s out cold. Feroz instructs them to bring Wasim back via road, helped by the Indian Air Force at the border.

When Wasim is interrogated by Ajay, he says Bilal is now in Saudi Aldera, doing deals at a desert resort. Feroz seeks a meeting with the minister, arranged by his pompous secretary Gupta ji. When Gupta ji callously says security peoples’ job is to die anyway, Ajay shuts the door, slaps him and calmly reopens it. After the minister gives permission, Ajay and Jai are dispatched with Baby strategist Shukla ji (Anupam Kher) to Aldera to kill Bilal, using their local decoy Ashfaq.

At the desert resort, the Baby duo must wait till nightfall, cross the desert sands, enter while Shukla ji hacks the hotel security system and deactivates an electric fence, shoot Bilal and escape. After a long wait, when they finally enter Bilal’s suite though, they find Maulana there as well! The Baby team kills Bilal but injects Maulana with a sedative and carries him out, aiming to bring him back alive to India. Shukla ji is aghast at this new plan and throws a fit while they hide Maulana in Ashfaq’s house.

Calming down, Shuklaji comes up with a plan – Maulana can be taken to India citing medical tourism, as Ashfaq’s uncle who urgently needs a liver transplant. While Baby in Delhi makes online bookings and visa arrangements accordingly, the team in Aldera take the unconscious Maulana to a local hospital for medical verification. But just when a medical official is about to visit, Maulana wakes up and stabs Ajay. They battle it out and Ajay manages to sedate him just before the official enters the room with Ashfaq.

The badly wounded Ajay hides in the bathroom’s shower while the official checks the papers – and even as the official uses the loo! Meanwhile, Maulana again regains consciousness but Ashfaq manages to inject him just in time before the official re-enters the room.

Ajay’s wound is bandaged up and given all permissions and tickets, the team members leave separately for the airport. But at the resort, the murder of Bilal is discovered and leading investigator Hani Mohammad (Hasan Noman) takes charge. Hani finds an international angle to this case and police swarm the airport where Ajay’s wound is bleeding. He dresses it himself. At one point, Ajay thinks he’s being stopped by the police but the cops stop the guy behind him.

Meanwhile, Hani rings the airport just when the team has boarded the flight to India, demanding to know if these particular Indian passport-holders – and one medical emergency case – are on board. The airlines officials confirm this but Hani simply smiles and says, there’s no problem, let them go.

The team makes it back to India with Maulana, who is interrogated for six months, then handed over to the Army. Baby pulls off its hardest challenge thus and from a trial basis, the team is made permanent.


Analysis:-  Neeraj Pandey delivered a surprise hit ‘A Wednesday’ and then followed it with another amazing film ‘Special 26′. This time he is back with a thriller starring Akshay Kumar and ensemble cast.

Performance wise Akshay Kumar shows his growth as an actor and delivers an exceptional performance. He is never out of character even not for a single second and he never goes over the top. His subtle act deserves accolades and also proves a point that he should focus on quality than quantity of crap films which he ends up doing in between some genuinely good films. Film has numerous gem of supporting acts. Danny stands tall once again as a performer in the role of chief, Taapsee Pannu impresses in very brief role, Sushant Singh is hilariously good especially in that interrogation sequence, Anupam Kher is decent, Rana fits the bill, Kay Kay Menon is outstanding and Raseed Naaz leaves a mark. Debuatant Madhurima is strictly okay.

Film has one song ‘Beparwah’ in end credit and other song for hardly a minute. which is welcome change as far as tradition of forced songs in Bollywood is concerned. Editing is top notch but couple of sequences could had been shorter and cinematography is average. Background score by Sanjay is one shining plus point of the film and makes things even more thrilling for audience.

Story was good but tight screenplay and apt dialogues lift it. Art department and costume department are very good. And special words for the length of the film, 1st half is 1 hour long followed by 2nd half of 1 hour 38 minutes and that is why it does not seem that long once you get immersed in proceedings.

Director Neeraj Pandey deserves standing ovation as he dares to make authentic non compromising thriller with a commercial actor. He proves director is the king and content can change the face of cinema. This film should succeed for sake of quality and honest effort.


One Word About the Film: This film is defiantly one of the best movie of this year and Akshay Kumar career best performance.

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Akshay Kumar starrer Baby Story

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