Bigg Boss 8: 29th December Episode 99 Ajaz Khan’s re-enters BB house

December 29, 2014 Bigg Boss 8
Bigg Boss 8: Sonali Raut evicted on 29th December Episode-99
Bigg Boss 8: Gautam Gulati kissing a mystery girl, Diandra calls it adorable

Bigg Boss 8 29th December Episode 99 Ajaz Khan’s re-enters BB house

29th December Episode 99 episode started with Salman Khan, showing clippings from house and showing friendship between Karishma and Upen and after that Salman takes the stage and begins his conversation with the contestants as usual. To make it more interesting, Salman plays a game with the housemates and asks them to reveal one unknown fact about the housemates. Ali is asked to confess any unknown thing about Karishma. Ali start his master plan and said he never expected her to be a strong contender and this feeling has grown on him with time. Salman then asks Sonali to tell what she wants to confess for Upen. Sonali being her frank self says she is open to see Upen outside the BB house if he is interested. While Upen does not react at all to Sonali’s open invitation, Salman praises her candidness that sets her apart from the rest.

After a while, Salman enters the house stealthily to surprise the housemates. Gautam takes notice of him first and gets up immediately to welcome him. Salman are looking in full mood, he said to Karishma’s  “bahar sab do baatein ho rahi hain. Ek Aamir  ki ‘PK’ aur ek aapki GK”, Karishma laugh at it sportingly.

Salman than started some GK questions at Karishma, Sonali and Dimpy to test.  Finally, Salman asks everyone who they would want to see evicted this time. And as usual almost all the housemates point their fingers towards Bakvas girl Sonali. Sonali replayed on this and said  she also wanna leave the house so that she could party during the New Year’s Eve.

Salman announced that Sonali evicted today. Sonali happily gets her things together to leave the house but just when the housemates reach the main gate, Salman announces that he was just joking as the contestants are getting relieved from eviction this week. A gung-ho Sonali gets shocked to hear the revelation as do other housemates. Salman then tells Sonali to bring the cake kept in the store room. All the housemates gets happy to see the lovely birthday cake meant for Salman and happily sing for him as the host cuts the cake.

After the celebrations, Salman tells all that the nominees for this week’s elimination – Dimpy, Sonali, Ali, Karishma and Upen – will go ahead this week too to pit against one another for viewers’ votes; and the votes garnered by them this week shall be added with the previous week’s votes for a final result.

Then after, Salman leaves the BB house and gets on stage to reveal about the surprise planned for the housemates. He invites Bigg Boss Season 7 contestant and semi-finalist, Ajaz Khan, to the stage. Ajaz come son stage and cracks a few jokes with Salman. One being asked to share his views on Season 8 contestants, he says Karishma appears honest to him whereas Sonali looks like a devil-worshipper due to her unusual antics. Funnily, for him Gautam is like a kid who likes getting cradled by Puneet.

He then makes way to the house with the promise of providing “entertainment entertainment entertainment” in his own words.
As the door of the BB house opens, a few people enter the house with bedding and duvet. The curious housemates wonder if they are in for a wild card entry and seek answers from the workers. However, the housemates soon find themselves amidst masked entrants. One of them unveils his face and the inmates are taken aback to see Ajaz.

Bigg Boss 8: Sonali Raut evicted on 29th December Episode-99
Bigg Boss 8: Gautam Gulati kissing a mystery girl, Diandra calls it adorable

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